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This multidisciplinary resource centre features a diversified mix of scholarly journals, publications, magazines and other timely sources across various subject areas. By covering more subject areas than other resources, it is ideal for serving diverse needs, from the one-time user to the interdisciplinary needs of serious researchers. It provides access to a wide range of the core information from Public finance management, Governance & administration, Procurement and disposal, Social development to Local economic development among others.

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12Local Government Consulting Group (LGCG) is a one stop centre for professional and technical expertise for improved public and private service delivery in order to promote both national and local development. It has built an extensive pool of technical specialists and experts that can be readily contracted in various fields to provide our clients with the best quality of services

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Uganda Local Government Association (ULGA) is the national Association of Districts and Lower Local Government Councils whose prime objective is to unite and strengthen the local governments and build their capacity for efficient and effective delivery of public services to the population.

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What we do

  1. Discuss improvement of the quality of service rendered by the Local Government Councils to the people of Uganda.

  2. Discuss matters of mutual interest to the members of the Association

  3. Prepare and issue to the members of the Association and Stakeholders reports and memoranda dealing with matters affecting Local Government Councils in Uganda.

  4. Formulate common policy where uniformity of aims and conditions appear to exist and, to implement any such common policy or to present the same to the Central Government or to such other authority as the Association may deem necessary.

  5. Consider legislative, administrative and other policies and proposals of the central government and other bodies relating to the structure, rights and duties, responsibilities, status, financial capacity or other matters affecting Local Government councils and to make appropriate representation thereon to the bodies concerned.

  1. Play a consultative role to all the Local Government Councils and to guide them by providing expert opinion on matters of mutual interest.

  2. Discuss matters pertaining to national and regional economic development with a view to facilitating the transformation of Uganda society from the status of subsistence producers to modern industrialists with attendant improvement of technology and the people’s standard of living.

  3. Encourage, promote and assist with the improvement of the work of local artisans.

  4. Encourage and promote establishment of viable entities for the purpose of executing functions which are the responsibility of and in the interest of members of the Association.

  5. Upon request assist member Local Governments in the task of negotiating with foreign or local financiers’ loans, donations or aid to finance their respective local projects.

  1. Promote harmony and stability in Local Governments by removing, minimising or discouraging conflicts between Local Government Councils and officials working in the Local Governments.

  2. Encourage member Local Government Councils to be accountable and transparent in the conduct of their affairs and to promote ethical behaviour among the members.

  3. Solicit, receive and administer subscriptions, aid, grants, donations and loans from member Local Government Councils or persons or organisations who/which are desirous of supporting the association in furthering its objects.

  4. Allow any other associations or organisations having objects altogether or in part similar to those of this Association to become affiliated herewith, and from time to time to determine the terms and conditions of the affiliation and the rights, privileges and obligations of the affiliated associations or organisations.

  5. Provide for and facilitate the holding of seminars, discussions, dialogues and meetings and the reading of papers and delivering lectures on such subjects beneficial to members.

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