President: Mr. George Mutabaazi

I bring you warm regards from the Local Governments of Uganda

Local governments in Uganda are lagging behind simply because they think and limit themselves to thinking locally. Decentralisation was granted to Uganda and we take it for granted while other better developed countries are still crippling trying to attain it. The Association has ably advocated, negotiated and lobbied on behalf of the Local Governments on critical issues.  We have articulated the concerns of local governments at the National and International levels and continue to advocate for the strengthening of decentralisation as a system of good governance.

The key issues for the local governments have been local government strengthening for both political and technical arms, improving fiscal decentralization so as to ensure adequate discretionary funding of decentralized services, building blocks for sustainable poverty eradication and local economic development and advocacy for measures to increase transparency and accountability of Local Governments.

We should make a difference from the last man at the voting centre and bring about the change that we have promised them. It’s upon this background that the association should uphold the decentralisation policy and make it work so that there is proper implementation of all government programmes that start and are sustained at the grass root.

Secretary General: Ms. Gertrude Rose Gamwera

On behalf of Uganda Local Governments’ Association, I wish to take this privilege and honour of welcoming you all to our website.


It is worth noting that the Association is the voice of the Local Governments and the embodiment of the ideals of decentralisation.  With the Association bringing together all the Local Governments it creates a stronger consistent voice that can be able to negotiate and ensure better terms from the Central Government

While Government has introduced a number of initiatives aimed at improving service delivery and poverty reduction among our people, we know that our concerted efforts to achieve this among the communities call for committed and exemplary leadership.  It is important that as an Association, we take the lead to ensure that there is harmony in Local Government Councils despite the existing political diversity.  Development of our Local Governments cannot be achieved when we put our political differences at the forefront of our work.  Our people are interested in services like education, health, roads and water which have no political face and are in the interest of everybody.

Therefore let us join hands and work for the development of the various Local Governments to ensure their Unity and Efficiency