The Department is headed by the Finance and Administration Manager, Ms. Abwalo Stella Marie
The manager is supported by Mr. David Mutayisa the Projects Accountant, Ms. Hellen Amoding the Accounts Assistant, Mr. Allan Muwaya the Legal Officer, Ms. Amanda Kalemba the Front Desk assistant,Ms. Monica Kiiza the Executive Assistant, Mr. Charles Matovu the Driver and Mr. William Bogere the Office Attendant.
Purpose: To manage and adequately account for ULGA’s resources to facilitate the smooth running of the Association and the activities therein.
Key roles:

  1. Undertake financial planning and management to ensure effective inflow and outflow of resources.
  2. Manage operations and guide the Organization’s businesses.
  3. Support Local Governments’ capacity enhancement in areas of Finance, Communication and ICT.
  4. Manage and control grants and Donor contracts.
  5. Develop and maintain internal control systems.
  6. Maintain ULGA’s corporate image.
  7. Ensure accountability and transparency in the utilization of ULGA’s assets and public resources.
  8. Coordinate the Human resource functions.
  9. Play a supportive role to the Organization and members e.g. in areas of ICT and policy interpretation.