District Development Plan, Mid Term Review – Assessment Manual

This District Development Plan (DDP) Midterm Review Assessment Manual seeks to provide guidance to the capacity building / technical assistance teams that undertake the midterm review (MTR). The Manual outlines the purpose, objectives, and methods for the midterm review. The Manual was developed based on the midterm assessment guidelines developed by the National Planning Authority (NPA) in 2013 (see Annex 1).
The assessment Manual further outlines the key milestones and anticipated outputs for each of the milestones.
The Manual is divided into 6 sections arranged as follows:

  • Part 1: About the Manual
  • Part 2: The Midterm Review for Local Government Plans in Uganda
  • Part 3: Scope of the Midterm Review
  • Part 4: Assessment Methodologies and Instruments
  • Part 5: District Support Action
  • Part 6: Assessment Tools, Equipment, and Reference Materials

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