District Operational Plan Handbook

The DOP is part of USAID’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy to align resources and improve collaboration and accountability. It is a MoU that sets forth the understanding by and between the district and USAID for the implementation and management of all USAID activities in the district, pursuant to sectoral Development Objective Grant Agreements. It aims to advance the Paris Declaration Principles of Aid Effectiveness and the Government of the Republic of Uganda’s Partnership Policy.

DOP Purpose
The overall purpose of the DOP is to provide a framework for planning and coordinating USAID assistance with the district to achieve shared development objectives through a more efficient and effective approach.

DOP Objectives

  • Ensure that USAID programs are aligned with district development plans (DDPs).
  • Eliminate duplication and improve complementarities among USAID IPs, and improve collaboration and communication with local governments and other stakeholders working at the district level.
  • Strengthen the districts’ and USAID’s joint coordination, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of activities within the district.

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