Guide to Drafting Social Sector Ordinances

This document provides guidance to local council members to enable them to enact legislation in Council. The information is presented as a step-by-step guide to creating an ordinance. It considers the following legal aspects before enacting a law: 1) identifying the existing legal problem that a law will address and 2) reviewing the existing legal framework to identify potential gaps that a law can tackle.

The document further identifies the power centers and apportions duties and responsibilities. It also reminds the reader that an ordinance can define offences and penalties as well. Additionally, the document provides an elaborate procedure for processing a bill, which finally converts to an ordinance. Lastly, the guide is intended to serve as an authoritative reference for local council officials, both political and technical, in their effort to make ordinances.

The production of this guide was supported by the management and staff of the Strengthening Decentralization and Sustainability (SDS) Program. Special recognition goes to Mr. Robert Kalemba, Senior Director of Sustainability at SDS, for creating an enabling environment to execute this task.

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