Integrated Planning and Budgeting – Trainer’s Guide

This Guide, also called the Manual, has been specifically developed to guide Trainers who will be training lower local government (LLG) staff and political leaders in procurement and contract management in lower local governments. The various activities to be performed by the Trainer and the participants are spelt out together with their respective timing. The course is participatory and as such, trainers will be required to allocate ample time for discussion and exercises among others.

A separate Handbook containing detailed notes has been produced under the same title but with the label, “Participant’s Handbook”. The Trainer will refer to the Participant’s Handbook for specific content. In addition, references should be made to laws, regulations, and other published materials on planning and budgeting, Local Government Development Planning (LGDP) and the National Budget Act (as amended).

The Guide contains group and individual exercises, and illustrations. It is intended that the Trainer will use these materials in a manner that optimally delivers the course objectives.

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