Procurement Management In Local Governments – Planning, Bidding, and Contract Management Guide

Public procurement processes in Uganda are executed within a framework of laws and regulations provided in (i) the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, 1995; (ii) the PPDA Act and Regulations (as amended); (iii) the Local Governments Act, Cap. 243; (iv) the Local Governments Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Regulations (PPDA), 2006; and (v) Procurement Guidelines. It is mandatory that the public procurement process is executed in compliance with these legal procedures and regulations; otherwise, public procurements cannot achieve value-for-money.

This guide helps users to conceptualize the procurement process and gain a more robust understanding of the critical issues in the process. The increased technical capacity enables users to plan public procurements, while complying with the PPDA legal and regulatory procedures. The guide provides a brief, precise, and more practical guide for effective and efficient implementation of the procurement process in Procuring and Disposing Entities (PDEs).

The target stakeholders include accounting officers (AO), staff of user departments, Procurement and Disposal Unit (PDU) staff, contracts committee (CC) members, valuation committee (EC) members, and political leaders.
As a matter of scope, this guide covers four stages of the procurement cycle: 1) planning procurement, 2) awarding and executing contracts, 3) administering and managing procurements, and 4) appraising performance. The stages must be followed by any procurement practitioner to comply with the laws and regulations noted above.

For ease of conceptualization and implementation of the procurement process, this guide condenses these stages into three themes or phases divided into the following sections:

Procurement Planning
This step includes identifying procurement needs and requirements over a given period, by user departments (e.g., procurement requisition, source identification, procurement method, and approval of funds).
The Bidding Process and Contract Award
This stage involves preparing a Statement of Requirements (SoR) and the invitation to bid or submit proposal documents, opening and evaluating bids or proposals, and awarding contracts.
Contracts, Contracts Management, and Performance Appraisal
The final phase in the process deals with monitoring and/or evaluating contract performance (delivery) and management, recordkeeping and accountability, payment, and post-contract performance appraisal.

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