Public Financial Management, Accounting and Audit – For Local Governments in Uganda

This guide is intended to provide technical assistance material for appointed and elected officials at the local government (LG) level regarding accounting and audit needs. Other aspects of Public Financial Management (PFM) will be dealt with in separate booklets, which will be available at the Local Government Knowledge Resource Center (LG-KRC). This guide will provide a range of information on the challenges of PFM at the LG level.

Recent reforms (e.g., the PFM Act 2015) within the PFM framework have had an impact on fiscal decentralization and the management of finances at the LG level.

This guide will focus on key areas and components within PFM, including these recent reform strategies, which consist of:

  • Context of PFM and reform strategy
  • Monitoring and financial reporting
  • IFMIS/Output Budgeting Tool
  • Audit processes
  • Oversight and scrutiny processes

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