Purpose: To ensure that Local Governments and the ULGA Secretariat observe the Rule of Law, comply with and adhere to the Legal Procedural Requirements in Execution of their Legal Mandates
•    To provide professional and technical services to members and the Secretariat in interpretation of laws and regulations,  drafting and filing legal documents, provision of legal advice, and Alternative Dispute Resolution services to members.
•    Provide legal training and outreach services to members and the Secretariat.
•    Review upcoming bills and other relevant documents to ensure that local governments’ interests are protected, develop position papers and present them to the relevant stakeholders.
•    Participate in the design, implementation and review of ULGA’s legal framework to enable it achieve its mandate.
•    To participate in drafting staff contracts to ensure that both  the employee and the employer work on good terms and also  enforcing compliance to contractual obligations by service providers to ensure that ULGA gets value for money and keep safe custody of all ULGA’s contracts and other Legal documents.
•    Participate in ULGA’s strategic planning and develop a strategic plan and work plan for the directorate to ensure that its mandate is achieved.
•    Provision of legal aid services through free legal advice, counseling and standard document drafting to walk-in indigent clients.
•    To provide Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services.
•    To advise the ULGA Executive Committee, President and the Secretary General on their roles and responsibilities to ensure that corporate governance is observed.
•    To represent ULGA in stakeholder meetings and protect ULGA’s interests in such meetings
The Directorate is headed by Ms. Emily Mutuzo, the Director Legal Services and Supported by Ms Irene Zawedde, the Acting Legal Officer.