Purpose: To ensure full understanding of ULGA’s role and contribution to the nation and to position the organization so that it can influence policy decisions regarding Local Governance.
•    Develop sound Public Relations and Communication policies and procedures for the organization
•    Establishing coherent internal and external communication processes in order to maintain good internal and external relations.
•    Events management by organizing functions, publications, seminars and workshops and ensure that ULGA is fully represented and participates in these activities
•     Creating visibility of ULGA and its Logo/ brand using IEC materials such as brochures, banners, calendars etc to ensure that ULGA is fully visible.
•    Information Management through developing, editing and publishing newsletters and any other in-house publications to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing.
•    Managing the Website to ensure that it provides accurate and updated information
•    Media relations that deals with press enquiries, press statements, advises ULGA staff on how to deal with the press, coordinate and edit all the Association’s adverts, press releases and press statements to ensure that the intended message is communicated to the public as a means of facilitating  good media relations.
•    Facilitating external relations by establishing and maintaining good networks with organizations such as ULGA’s parent ministry, other associations, donors, members e.t.c on matters of mutual interest
•    Facilitating internal relations by creating harmony and building a good communication culture within the Secretariat.
•    Represent and protest ULGA’s interests in stakeholder meetings.
The Directorate is managed by Ms.Jamidah Namuyanja,the Communications Officer, supported by Mrs.Patricia Kwaga Wanda,the Front Desk Officer