The National Emergency Coordination and Operations Centre (NECOC), under the Office of the Prime Minister, has the mandate to publish the bi-monthly National Integrated Early Warning Bulletin “U-NIEWS” (attached).
This monthly bulletin brings together both information and forecasting from a number of sources, including government and partners (MDAs), and it aims to provide national, multi-hazard early warning information.

The bulletin is also available at NECOC’s website, link below:

In addition, you can follow OPM’s Department of Disaster Preparedness and Management on Twitter: @opmdpm. We urge you to use this website and transform it into a vibrant interactive platform that will strengthen our work on early warning dissemination and risk information management.

The department of relief, disaster preparedness and management welcomes your comments and suggestion for improvement, as we continue to support developing this, and other products.

We request you to forward the bulletin to members of your respective institutions and contacts.

We count on all your support in this endeavor.

Martin Owor