This department is headed by Mr. Omollo Geoffrey George the Programs Manager supported by Mr. Okuku Richard the Economist and Ms. Siango Deborah the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Purpose: To carry out Policy Research and Analysis in order to facilitate evidence based Lobbying and Advocacy


  1. Research and Data collection on identified areas through field visits and consultations with stakeholders, surveys on issues of Local Governance which helps create a resource pool for data and information on Local Governance in Uganda.
  2. Policy Analysis through research and drafting of position papers on policies which aims at supporting ULGA’s advocacy role.
  3. Offering technical support to members and stakeholders by providing demand and/or supply driven technical support, financial management and planning services, training and capacity building aimed at enhancing the capacities of Local Governments.
  4. Budget and work planning through participating in the planning and revision of the Corporate Strategic Plan, Consolidating Department budgets and work plans which enables ULGA plan for effective utilization of its resources.
  5. Evidence based Lobbying & Advocacy by representing ULGA in stakeholder meetings, workshops and protecting ULGA’s interests in such fora, disseminating and sharing findings on research and policy analyses carried out and lobbying for the adoption of recommendations arising out of the research, policy analysis and position papers drawn with an aim of ensuring that ULGA’s interests are presented to different stakeholders so as to fulfill its mandate.
  6. Coordinate the development and implementation of tools and systems to support the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all ULGA projects and programs